cheap michael kors uk How Does a Soccer Ball Air Valve Work

How Does a Soccer Ball Air Valve Work

There are four main parts of a soccer ball. The first is the cover or surface of the ball, which can be made from synthetic leather, polyurethane or polyvinyl carbonate. Balls made from synthetic leather are typically more common and used in professional games. The number of panels on the surface of the ball vary due to the type of ball. The most commonly used soccer ball design has 32 panels. The second component is the stitching that holds the panels together. The type of stitching hand stitched, machine stitched or thermally bonded determines how long the soccer ball will last. The third component is the lining, which is between the cover and bladder. An average of four layers of lining give the ball its structure, strength, control and bounce. The last component is the bladder, which is the round, innermost layer that gives the ball its shape. Bladders can be made from butyl or latex, and contain the air valve.

When a soccer ball air valve is closed, the hole is perpendicular to the passageway, which doesn’t allow air to enter or exit the ball. Whatever air is in the ball will stay inside. When the valve is open, the hole runs in the same direction as the passageway. This allows you to inflate the ball with air. Ball valves are made from different materials including butyl and silicone. Butyl valves are used for air retention, while silicone valves are used for performance and protect the ball from losing air during inflation. Full port valves are the most common among ball valves and allow little friction loss with no restriction of air flow.

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