cheap longchamp bags Key Keyboard Hack

Key Keyboard Hack

"Why not just fix the error, stupid?" you might ask, "These errors are there for a reason!"

Well, you are absolutely right (though calling me names was kind of mean).

The problem is, I’m building a publicly accessible PC kiosk (mouse only, no keyboard), and the components are squeezed into a rather small space. The donor PC featured a very tall heat sink/fan that just wouldn’t fit, so I had to swap it out for a smaller one. The problem: the original fan was a four wire model that talked to the motherboard, telling it soothing things like "I’m working." The replacement one I had on hand was a two wire fan that refused to discuss anything with the motherboard. So on startup, the bios would report a failed CPU fan, and stop at a prompt: F1 to continue, F2 to enter startup. so my kiosk would sit there waiting for someone to press F1, and would be the lamest kiosk in history.

Of course, some of the warnings that show up during startup can be turned off in the BIOS (like the "keyboard error"), but my BIOS had no option for "don’t worry about the CPU fan." If I knew more about the world, I may have been able to grab the two unused wires from the CPU fan swap, and add a resistor or some other little bit of hardware that would fool the motherboard. Instead, a dim light bulb flickered above my head, and I performed the following test:

Plug in a USB keyboard, hold down F1, start PC, keeping F1 pressed.

I do worship video for two different churches in the course of a week. Each uses a different software. The one at Church A moves from slide to slide with the arrow keys. Very convenient and ergonomic. The software at Church B uses F9 and F10, which are clumsy and wearing to use, so I end up resorting to the mouse (ugh).

This would be perfect! One little box with buttons that just do F9 and F10 (labeled Next and Previous) that I can hold in my lap while I sit back in comfort.

I going to dig out an old keyboard as soon as I get home!

You might actually benefit from something like this:17 buttons. optimized but I use a DeathAdder for work (non gaming) simply because it more comfortable works better than other mice I tried. I have 5 buttons (including the mousewheel), and sometimes I wish I had a few more so I could bind them using AutoHotkey. I don recommend razer keyboards, but I loved their mice.

You could also try something like this, but I think it looks awfully designed:Good luck!

You don have to fool the motherboard, you can give it the real RPM signal. Connect a wire from the collector pin on the transistor right before the motor coil in the fan, to the 3rd pin on the motherboard header for RPM. 4th wire isn needed to get RPM, it is the PWM control line.

Another possible option is to edit the bios, if there is an editor you can find that handles the core version and brand (Phoenix, Award, AMI, etc.), there is probably a setting that is hidden from the user interface, although there might even be a key combination that will get you to full control page when the system POSTS prior to booting, but it is harder to find this info as it can vary.

A note to other people: A constant on key can cause very weird behavior on some OS (including windows) depending on which it is, or constant beeping, or especially with PS2, loss of use of the other PS2 connected input device as the buffer is full from the /stuck/ key signal.

Very innovative solution, obviously plenty of lateral thinking is happening here.

I can see a few uses for the keyboard hack by ripping out keys to make a convenient mini keyboard, but actually keeping the key depressed can be fraught with problems. I would probably prefer to go with the hardware solutions to resolve the problem ie hotwire the tranny.

Have you been able to check for any performance issues post hack? I would expect hammering the buffer with kb signal constantly will grab plenty of CPU cycles and eventually slow or completely lock the system. Also if you have a secondary problem with the system after POST then you are going to miss it.

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