cheap moncler jackets and have no idea where I should be buying my clothes

and have no idea where I should be buying my clothes

I moved beyond ironic t shirts, but I still look relatively young (30s). My style is very simple. In the summer I generally wear jeans or kakis with a t shirt. In the winter jeans or kakis with a pull over long sleeve shirt. I guess I’d call the style simple and classic (though it could also be called boring). But regardless, I know exactly how I like to dress, and what I believe looks best on me.

Shouldn’t be difficult to find those clothes, but I live in a small city, where the only clothing stores are generic department stores or old navy / the gap / american eagle. In a pinch I can find what I need at old navy / the gap / american eagle, but I find the clothes are cheaply made, a lot of it has the brand prominently displayed, and in all honesty I don’t feel comfortable as a 40 year old man shopping among teenagers.

So I’m guessing my best bet would be buying clothes online, but i’ve never done that. Should I use Amazon? Is American Apparel a good option? I’m talking pants/jeans, T Shirts and Pull Overs. Decently made, and decently priced. I just have no idea. Any suggestions on where I could start buying my these staples of my wardrobe would be appreciated.

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Banana Republic. Quality is higher than Gap, Old Navy, and AE. Cuts are more tailored and clothing is generally more upscale. Everything goes on sale so wait for 40 75% off to buy.

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Stein Mart. Good house brands, better than average quality, good prices. They don’t even have a kids or young people’s section, but it’s not just old guy golf clothes.

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Yeah, Banana Republic seems to be exactly what you’re looking for.

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J. Crew, Banana Republic, and Bloomingdale’s during sales. Express does one of those "sale every two weeks" kind of thing where their prices are artificially inflated during the non sale times but reasonably priced otherwise.

Try H if you don’t want to spend too much money. The issue is that some things will fall apart quickly, but others will last much longer.

Land’s End is a division of Sears but, honestly, their turtlenecks fit me well and have stayed in good condition the entire time I’ve owned them.

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It sounds like you wear exactly The Gap’s style of clothing.

I’ve never seen any men’s clothing there that has the brand prominently featured, at least not in the last decade or so.

Teenagers do not shop at The Gap.

The quality at The Gap is fine, at least as good as anywhere else you’re likely to shop unless you want to spend a ton more money.

If you wanted to kick it up a notch you could go with J. Crew or Banana Republic, which sell largely the same styles but cost more money.

You might find good deals on things at places like Marshall’s, Kohl’s, etc. but it will not be as easy as just going to The Gap/Banana Republic/J. Crew and buying a bunch of shirts and chinos and such.

Unless you’re looking to go designer, spend exponentially more, and take a level in formal menswear, concerns about "quality" are not really relevant.

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I’d avoid clothes on Amazon, unless you know exactly what size/brand/color you want. There’s just so much on the site that I find browsing it to be completely annoying, plus there’s the question of, okay, what does "large" mean to the manufacturer or seller?

I shopped at Old Navy 10 15 years ago when the quality seemed to be better. Target is my go to now for "I just need a couple of black tee shirts or a sweater." Their sizes seems a lot more consistent than Old Navy.

Seconding Land’s End you can shop online, and if you don’t want to hassle with shipping them back if they don’t work out, you can walk into a Sears and return stuff.

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American Apparel is my go to for easily available, decently made, plain clothes like that, yeah. They tend to run a lot smaller than those brands you mentioned, so if you’re, like, an xl at the Gap you might not have much luck. Target sometimes has some decent stuff if you pay attention to the fabric, and are at a lower price point, but not better quality than what you’re wearing.

If you have the time (which I guess from this question you might not be into it), I find a lot of my basic t shirts and sweaters from thrift stores, where you can get higher end stuff or older clothes. I’m often amazed at the quality of cheap, no name clothes even from the 90’s compared to the rags they sell today.

(Literally rags. This is when I feel like an old person. When I have to inspect my new clothing to make sure it doesn’t have holes BEFORE I buy them? Sigh. Get off my lawn.)

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